How Do I Appeal A Criminal Case In Texas?

Criminal Defense Lawyer | DWI, Drug, Theft & Assault Charges

By Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer Jeremy Rosenthal


First of all, Appeals should not be attempted without a lawyer.  Also, this article is intended to be for class b misdemeanors and above… not for class c misdemeanors.  This blog only skims the surface of this extremely complex area.

We can handle appeals anywhere in the State of Texas through e-filing which is now in place.

What is an Appeal?

In America we get our day in Court.  We don’t, however, get our day in court over and over again until we win.   A common misconception about an appeal is that it is a do-over.  An appeal can generally be analogized more of an “instant replay” than it is a re-trial.

Appeals generally focus on specific things which happened during the trial such as improper court rulings, improper testimony or even improper conduct of the prosecutor (or even the defense lawyer)…

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