The Importance of Trial Advocacy and Trial Skills

Criminal Defense Lawyer | DWI, Drug, Theft & Assault Charges

By Collin County Criminal Defense Lawyer Jeremy Rosenthal

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I don’t write much about trial advocacy because I think most people who happen across my blawg are probably more interested in other nuts & bolts legal topics.  Experience, comfort and skill in the courtroom is extremely important stuff, though.

I can safely say I spend more time honing my trial skills than any other type of other continuing education available.  This is in part because it fascinates me and, frankly, it’s my trade.  I like to think of myself like a basketball player who works every day after practice on nothing but free-throws, dribbling to the left, or shooting threes.

On my bookshelf you’ll find books about jury psychology, cross-examination, and persuasive rhetoric.  I devour jury studies, psychological studies, and other data which I feel help give me an edge in trial.

Trial is the fascinating competition between…

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