How Do I Find Someone In Jail?

By Collin County Criminal Defense Lawyer

(214) 724-7065 (Jail Release Number)

In Collin County:

People arrested in Collin County go one of six places — Dallas City Jail, Richardson City Jail, Plano City Jail, Allen City Jail, Frisco City Jail, or the Collin County Jail in McKinney.

For information about jail release on DWI, Theft, Marijuana Possession and other misdemeanor arrests, click here.

The Collin County Jail serves as the “nerve center” for jails in the county as McKinney is the county-seat.  Persons arrested in the City of McKinney as well as any city not listed above are taken to the Collin County Jail.  You can go to the Collin County Sheriff’s Office web page and see if the person is a current inmate.  If someone is not listed on the web page as an inmate — this does not mean they’re not in jail there.  They may be in custody but not yet booked onto the system.  You can speak with jail personnel at (972) 547-5100.

Richardson, Plano, Allen & Frisco jails do not currently have online look-up systems.  Contact information for those jails is as follows:

Richardson City Jail:  (972) 744-4820

Plano City Jail:  (972) 424-5678

Frisco City Jail:  (972) 292-6001

Allen City Jail:  (214) 509-4100

Dallas County Jail: (214) 962-5800

People arrested for class b misdemeanors and above are eventually transferred to Collin County or must process through if released without having processed through originally.

Helpful Tips and Suggestions:

  • Have as much information as possible about the person and the arrest available.  Some jails are busier than others and the more information you have, the more likely you can help the jail staff identify your friend or loved one.
  • Check surrounding counties.  Cities in Collin County are in multiple counties.  The cities of Dallas, Richardson and Sachse are in both Collin and Dallas County.  Frisco and Plano have portions both in Collin and Denton Counties.
  • Be patient.  Being a jailer is a hard job.  They constantly deal with difficult people and it’s easier to have questions answered when you are polite.  Some might be difficult but dealing with them is an unfortunate reality at 3 in the morning.

*Jeremy Rosenthal is an attorney licensed to practice in the State of Texas.  Nothing in this article is intended to be legal advice.  For legal advice about any situation you should contact a licensed attorney directly.

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