Frisco City Jail Release — Writ Bonds

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By Collin County Criminal Defense attorney Jeremy Rosenthal

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Hearing that a friend or loved one has been arrested for DWI is like seeing your house catch on fire.  Your first question is how to get them out.

Getting out of Frisco or Plano City Jail:

Collin County doesn’t like people arrested for misdemeanors (DWI’s, possession of marijuana, or theft below $1,500) to clog their jails.  There are policies in place to help get those people out of jail as soon as possible.  Those are referred to as “writ bonds” but in actuality are writs of habeas corpus.

Here’s how it works:

When someone is arrested, they see a magistrate judge who sets a bond amount.  When the bond is paid, the person is released.  Normally in Frisco or Plano, you would have to wait until the next morning to…

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