Probation FAQ’s

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By Collin County Criminal Defense Lawyer Jeremy Rosenthal

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Probation (technically called community supervision), is where the Judge suspends all or part of the sentence in a case for a certain period of time.  In the probationary period, the person typically completes community service and other requirements such as classes or drug testing.

A person on probation in Texas must complete and abide by “terms and conditions” of probation.  Typically a person cannot commit an offense against the State of Texas or any other state as a minimum.  Other requirements range from requiring the defendant to report changes in address, changes in employment, and new arrests, if any.

Difference between Deferred and Probation

Deferred adjudication is where you have not been convicted.  Probation is where you have been convicted for the offense.  While on deferred, you must still complete community supervision as if you were on regular probation…

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