Petition for Non-Disclosure

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By Collin CountyCriminal Defense Lawyer Jeremy Rosenthal

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A Petition for Non-Disclosure is an intermediate tool used to clean someone’s record.  It essentially hides your record from the public.  It is not as sweeping or as beneficial as an expunction, but it can lessen the blunt force of a conviction.

The Non-Disclosure statute is very complicated and is loaded with qualifications and exceptions.  What it means, in general, is that your criminal record stays intact (unlike an expunction where an arrest record is destroyed), but the state is limited in it’s ability to disseminate the information of your record to the general public.  As you can see by reading the statute, there are numerous agencies which are exempted from honoring the non-disclosure (such as professional licensing bodies), and there are tons of offense which don’t qualify for non-disclosures (such as sexual assault, stalking, and family violence…

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