Top 5 Mistakes When Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney Countdown — #1

Criminal Defense Lawyer | DWI, Drug, Theft & Assault Charges

By Collin County Criminal Defense Lawyer Jeremy Rosenthal

(972) 369-0577

This week I’m counting down the top 5 mistakes people make in hiring a criminal defense attorney.

#1.  Hiring a lawyer that pleads everyone guilty.

I approach every case looking for a way to win – not why we should lose.  Sometimes the paths to victory are many, sometimes they are wide, and sometimes there is just a sliver of hope.  But the slivers are there if you look hard enough. I consider pleading guilty a last-option in most instances in Texas state courts in Collin and Dallas counties.

This means I set a decent percentage of them for trials or motions to suppress.  But there are lawyers who advise their clients to plead guilty virtually every time.

I rarely question another lawyer’s professional judgment.  And let’s be straight – pleading guilty or not guilty is exclusively the client’s…

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