Top 5 Mistakes in Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer Countdown — No. 2

Criminal Defense Lawyer | DWI, Drug, Theft & Assault Charges

By Collin County Criminal Defense Lawyer Jeremy Rosenthal

(972) 369-0577

This Week I’m Counting Down the Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer.

#2:  Hiring a Lawyer that Gives You Unreasonable Expectations

I’m licensed to practice in Texas.  Here it is unethical for a lawyer to promise a client certain results.  I can’t imagine it’s permissible in any other state.

I often visit with people and my view of the case is much brighter and more optimistic than they anticipated.  But making a promise there is even a sliver of a chance I can’t keep helps no one.

Every single case – DWI, marijuana, felonies, or whatever, is like a snowflake.  Each set of facts has it’s own unique nuances which may turn the laws in different ways.  There’s also the unpredictability of humans such as prosecutors, witnesses and not least of all – juries.

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